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my LOL JOSH dream has come true. Thanks to whoever haz made this.

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2131 days ago

my LOL JOSH dream has come true. Thanks to whoever haz made this.


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Loridoesntknow_ 2005 days ago


bibi_freire 2069 days ago

liiindo! *-*

SharonfromPA 2097 days ago

Another Hilarious Picture! Love it!

RustedBlackbird 2113 days ago


Claramusician 2129 days ago

And the best of all!!!! It would match with my lilac hair!!!!! =D lol Don't you think, ?

Claramusician 2129 days ago

That hat would be even more soffizticated if it were purple!!!!!! =P

Claramusician 2129 days ago

You know, Mr. , looking at this photo I've realized one thing...

SoL_Tolosa 2130 days ago


lightofblue 2131 days ago

love it !!!...x

TheLauraAlonso 2131 days ago

your face even looks like your saying that in your head, so great. btw, super excited for the new cd

APomPousA 2131 days ago


pat1129 2131 days ago

Now that is soffistication at it's best! Always knew you were magic!

tatidcoco 2131 days ago

surely you would not get a rabbit from there ... you always wonder. but still wizard.

k_osabi 2131 days ago

Question is, "How did you find this?" Did you Google LOL "Josh Groban"? That's funnier than the pic

komge 2131 days ago

"I found a hat that made me bad"..o! new song! By the way, now you need a rabbit))

mellygregory 2131 days ago

but but you need a monocle! and a handlebar stache

angelwings0511 2131 days ago

yiiiieeehhh.. you're looking FANTABULOUS!!!

ToniKiss 2131 days ago

Love it!!! You have to be soffisticayted now, you in the big city!!! lol

SienaJackson 2131 days ago

LOL That IS Funny!!! Knowing ur love of hats that's really "fitting" for u!

joyfulfoodie 2131 days ago