daniel tosh


not a doctor

follow the 2 poor souls on tour w/ me @JasperRedd & @thefullcharge. how many gay things in this photo?

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2041 days ago

follow the 2 poor souls on tour w/ me & . how many gay things in this photo?


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Maup1n 1597 days ago

How are so many people missing the big "creamed" penis in the background? Damn! That thang wide!

GillisSanders 1606 days ago

my bad i meant 3 gays 1 cup

GillisSanders 1607 days ago

3 guys 1 cup

irishUwereHere 1663 days ago

broke back fountain #younevertouchedyourpole

lucky13stigger 1676 days ago

the black guy standing to the left of u rubbing his chin...u holding a little rat in ur hand

fanoboss12 1676 days ago


lawlbroman 1676 days ago

3 guys.. 1 waterfall

canuck_88 1691 days ago

Three men looking so stunned next to nature's largest vagina. Man up and dive in boys.

GoddessGoldLoks 1695 days ago

U r at a waterfall with two guys and a dog, how can u get any more gay?

Meggurl 1699 days ago

The fact that tosh is even in it makes EVERYTHING in this pic gay. Did i even have 2 say it?

DougMusic21 1914 days ago

it looks like the guy on the left is about to stick his thumb up the dogs ass... Is that gay??

Orlando427 1941 days ago

well i see alot gay water fall next 2 to white guys and 1 black guy

YourGirlsPlace 1946 days ago

14 = 3 douches +1 gay dog +1 Megan Abrigo +1 mother nature +8 articles of clothing on the white guys

daviskid01 1964 days ago

Broke back mountain part 3. lol

AndyCatalano 1980 days ago

Looks like 3 gay guys who aren't funny.

RayRobot 2000 days ago

hmm well the water fall looks like spooge pouring off a turd... so in other words gay anal sex

stinkfist187 2005 days ago


pisscac69 2010 days ago

1. Gay orange hat.
2. Ridiculas looking boxer shorts.
3. Almost black guy wearing all black clothes.

hippiemofo1 2015 days ago

I believe the 'mo with the gay dog and the orange hat would rather suck 1 opposed to eating a ham sammich

ThisOneGuyiKno 2017 days ago

The black man drooling over his gay lover who's taking this photo, and the homo with the cappachino, douche.