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not a doctor

so far so good. 3 days and no one has pooped on the bus

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1744 days ago

so far so good. 3 days and no one has pooped on the bus


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deathboy121 1608 days ago

drive over here now im about to shit my pants oh damn to late

YourGirlsPlace 1649 days ago

Daniel=No women & no dudes are dropping their pants around you hotrod your reputation precedes you.

Useless_01 1717 days ago

to borrow a line from Schwarzenegger who's gonna be the part pooper?

ndyfeltersnatch 1736 days ago

wait for it......wait for it..........

kristenpee12 1742 days ago

i love you!!!!!!!!! follow

Littlekim42 1742 days ago

I seriously want to poop on Bob Saget..can you make this happen please!

VampLuvfreak 1742 days ago

i like the pic !!! :)

Escrow86 1742 days ago

Just make sure to stay away from the dave matthews band tour bus

DamnRickyLucas 1742 days ago

that's actually a good photo, shame there's no hot women in, near or around the bus (or so we think)

DildoSaggins69 1742 days ago

I'd titty fuck a midget while watching a donkey show

HeadFlux 1742 days ago

in soviet russia, bus poops on.... oh forget it.

kirby_killer 1742 days ago

or beans

kirby_killer 1742 days ago

or tacos

kirby_killer 1742 days ago

mabey burritos

kirby_killer 1742 days ago

dont worry,ill be gental with what i eat

kirby_killer 1742 days ago

ill pay you a hundred dollars so i can poop in the bus.

LiktheWenrWTF65 1743 days ago

I'd of shit if i saw these UFO's following me.

AutobotGreg 1743 days ago

If there is no poop, there is no party.

5Skater 1743 days ago

to late

oheyitskeenan 1743 days ago

im gonna shit on you face