Lisa Marie Varon


Pro Wrestler 'Tara' on Impact Wrestling (SpikeTV Thursdays @ 8PM EST). Formerly 'Victoria' on WWE. I have mad rollerskating skills.

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1699 days ago


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JAMMINMUSICMAN1 1374 days ago

dude what happend ??

TanbyNature 1685 days ago

Don't pay attention to haters!!! All of us widows peak freaks will always love you!

CzechItOutAgain 1693 days ago

you are getting older, older....which is why you are so tired so tried to go back to WWE, but they did not want a had to stay at TNA....need to get a 2nd career (unles the custom shop is enough income) it's about over in wrestling

Jupiters_Alien 1694 days ago

omg lisa i hope you're going to be alright that looks extremely painful!!!! Get Well Soon dear

Mnoush_Faraj 1695 days ago

daaaaaaaaaaaamn lisa how did that happend? awech

INCorplive 1698 days ago

Take care Tara aka Victoria aka Lisa! Do get well soon. You away from ring - doesn't go well.

curt_pilgrim 1699 days ago

is it a burst bursa sack & how did u get it & was or is it painful

juliamulligan_ 1699 days ago


HelloSelenaaa 1699 days ago

What did you do! Looks like a growth on yuuuz' elbow.

overdoseonthorn 1699 days ago

omg this is crazy...ahhhh eww eww eww lol

WolverineXm3n 1699 days ago

how the hell?

JustKelsey15 1699 days ago

That is one the nastiest things i have ever seen. Hope you feel better and get that removed, not a good look for ya-just saying

mist_Xperiaplay 1699 days ago

what have u done there

MudDawgsMMA 1699 days ago

Damn! That looks nasty! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

acecowboy1982 1699 days ago

Keep your elbow in hot water mixed with honey/ lemon and wear elbow braces in future matches.

acecowboy1982 1699 days ago

Looks nasty, hope it isn't broken! Drink milk with turmeric to reduce swelling and oxidants.

DodgerBlu92 1699 days ago


distemic 1699 days ago

hate to see the other guy, lol

iluvjnh4 1699 days ago

ouch hope your ok what did u do get well soon miss and love u

AstralDragon 1699 days ago

OUCH!!! looks terrible...Get well Soon Tara.