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The "hollywood cake" best cake ever!

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2306 days ago

The "hollywood cake" best cake ever!


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kenchait 2297 days ago

coke cake

Plubel 2300 days ago

nice cake lmao

sulertia 2301 days ago

those are really fat rails (IMHO)

kurtismarsh 2301 days ago

i guess powdered frosting is all the rage

pinkbarbie85 2301 days ago

The presentation is fantastic but the actual cake isn't so tasty. I had it for my bday. I heart Bar Marmont!

Teayo 2301 days ago

LOL now that is hilarious

AshleeSiobhan 2301 days ago

HA! love your style woman... you got guts!

DiplomatArtist 2301 days ago

Yes, you should be strong enough to do it, only unordinary can.

Caro_Bones 2301 days ago

HAHAHAHA! I'm gonna have to re-post this to some othr people XD What a nice COKE uhh I mean CAKE!

FlirtyNikka 2302 days ago

God people are idiots. This is funny. :)

nyyshannon 2302 days ago

why add fake stuff? we all know you are a coke head in real life

reinoencantado 2303 days ago


sameres77 2303 days ago

effing hilarious!

artbykimcook 2303 days ago

haaa, no wonder, I mean not only are there white lines (of sugar) on the cake, but look at the booze and what's with the white straw like things ? LOL... you had to expect the reaction you got ... but funny anyway!

Jenniaj 2303 days ago


lisadarden 2304 days ago

This must be what caused all the trouble? Sammy what were you thinkin? Hope it tasted really good and it was worth it. Some folks thought you might be partying with the powdered sugar on top- some peeps thought it was the real deal. oops.

elizagee 2304 days ago

That is hysterical. From a local bakery? I would love to where it came from.... Thanks for sharing.

zerbitt 2304 days ago

You guys do know that that's powdered sugar, right?

MillieSH 2304 days ago

looks like you'v got lines of coke on that. if i use my head though then i'm saying i'm mistaken (:

cul20811 2304 days ago

wow, u got balls to put this pic up