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Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, etc.

Your beloved Generalissimo test drives a new way to work, whatta ya think?

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1699 days ago

Your beloved Generalissimo test drives a new way to work, whatta ya think?


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bikerscott 1696 days ago

looks like ghost riders

web_dragon 1699 days ago

Methinks Ghost Rider wants his bike back! :)

ElizaLotus 1699 days ago

Awesome..but I'd just ask DC to loan you the bat signal..I won't tell Marvel :P

OrkoTheGreat 1699 days ago

I think I just pooped a little. That is amazing Sir.

Underdog_Media 1699 days ago


EienStory 1699 days ago

Thanks, sir, my mind just exploded.

TheShaynaGibson 1699 days ago

Love it!

alexflores0907 1699 days ago

the coolness in this image exceeds words

RealRealThomas 1699 days ago

your showing "ghost rider" his balls, aren't you? :P ~peace and love thomas :)

ComicBookGurl 1699 days ago

Just wear a helmet

MechaSixVII 1699 days ago

... this is ridiculously awesome.

chucklove79 1699 days ago

Nice! Thinking custom BMW w/ some Spidey Webs for a little detail!

mjtremblay 1699 days ago

Stan , you have to check out WyClef's's Amazing!

KevinOfDundas 1699 days ago

Sweet ride, Generalissimo! Please see Mr T Stark and see if you can borrow some protective gear!

sororravn 1699 days ago

Very schmexy, Generalissimo!

Trapper_920 1699 days ago

That should make batman jealous!

FreakinMike 1699 days ago

"I just got run over by Stan Lee!" "Did you get any super powers?" "My knees bend the wrong way"

TheAuntieChris 1699 days ago


TheKergie 1699 days ago

My Beloved Generalissimo!! You are one badass! I salute you! =)

KingFfree 1699 days ago

sweet! Just like the one my Aunt Petunia rides.