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I wiped her down pretty good before I kissed her. good to be home! #fb

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1644 days ago

I wiped her down pretty good before I kissed her. good to be home! #fb


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creativeps 1568 days ago

You are so down to earth here - no kidding - no wonder your a superstar!!

kellyjomcdonald 1641 days ago

You are so fortunate.

deltadawn83 1644 days ago

There's no place like home...

Withthebandgrl 1644 days ago

have a great show there tomorrow!!! wish I could be there! see you at M&M :)

likescountry114 1644 days ago

That is so touching...........

WhitneyMcQueen 1644 days ago

Aww...i sure wish I was that stage! I was watching you on the news at work this mornin too! Luv U

corgigirl 1644 days ago


candyannh 1644 days ago

I can't wait to see you in Windsor on October 22, 2010!!

Precious1953 1644 days ago

In the words of your song...I know I am Gonna Get There Someday...awesome place to be!

Precious1953 1644 days ago

I have goosebumps, Dierks...that is way too cool!!!! So happy for all the fans and singers

kay_chris_bacon 1644 days ago

This picture gave me the chills. I totally agree with Katie and Sam!!

JenniferReynee 1644 days ago

Tomorrow is going to be an amazing show! That venue means so much.
Wish I was going to be there to see it!

SamwithDBtattoo 1644 days ago

LOL Katie!! I'm with ya on that one!! I'll never say "knock on wood" the same ever again!! Glad your home!!!

gs6346 1644 days ago

LOL...great one Katie Lou4!!!

NateCosby 1644 days ago

Good to see that the Grand Ole Opry is not full of water anymore.

Nyssa_G 1644 days ago

It was good to see you on Fox and Friends this morning!

ddritzenhein 1644 days ago

Interesting Photo

Brian_Keener 1644 days ago

is this a mr clean advertisement? so clean Dierks Bentley would approve!

KatieLou4 1644 days ago

I've never wished I was a wooden floor so badly in my life..