Finally a much needed vacation!! Time to recharge my batteries and comeback with a Bang!!!

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1802 days ago

Finally a much needed vacation!! Time to recharge my batteries and comeback with a Bang!!!


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princesskookie 1417 days ago

Is this Hawaii? I hope you're fully recharged to continue with your schedule.

Rabzilla7 1636 days ago

diggin the fanny pack <3 :)

annie97c 1663 days ago

좋은사진이에요 <3 항상응원할께요~이런사진보니까 연예인인데두 진짜 인간처럼 느껴져서 좋아요 ㅋㅋ :) 오빠에겐 수많은팬들이남긴코멘트중에하나일뿐이겟지만 이거읽구 기분좋아졋으면해요^^저어제 오빠 멘션한거 꼭 답해주세요!ㅎㅎ

Thyale 1691 days ago

하지만 난 당신을 알아보지

rnoon99 1712 days ago

so sweet oppa <3
Follow me oppa please ='(

Sammyangel1489 1751 days ago

awwww ...... <3

Anneigar 1758 days ago

Taeyang ¿ Pensando en ?

lialua 1780 days ago

Gente... eu amo o Tae e tal. Mas para os brasileiros de plantão... posso fazer piadinha?! hahaha

hysterica05 1782 days ago

Taeyang san, Watching your real song made me realized everyone should put in their best at their work. No matter how tired and restless you get, You push yourself. I admire that because i feel the same way. Your songs cheer me on. Because you believe, i w

honeyjaneyong 1782 days ago

..!!love ur back..!!but i love ur abs more..kekekeke

jepah89 1783 days ago

still looks cute from the back..is that jeju island???anyway may u have a happy and refreshing vacation ^O^

lyl2145 1783 days ago

I went to a concert on 26. Then I was really awesome. Once again, I want to go again.

YB_madriD 1783 days ago

oooh...cant wait for BIGBANG COMEBaCK.
enjoy ur vacation taeyang-oppa!

EngSeRa 1785 days ago

.Therefore continued to the end
Make sure I wait for each new
Therefore I wish you all the happiness and comfort
Enjoy your vacation
Because you're always comfortable for me
I'm from the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Dubai)
Your fame has reached us ^

EngSeRa 1785 days ago

Taeyang Thank you for your wonderful songs
I really really love the songs
I have no time because I study at the University of specialization architecture
I feel tired when I listen to your songs
And enjoy it too much
......And all the thanks to you

tibiix3 1786 days ago

I really like ur hoodie!!^_*
Wanna have one :P

meimei_S2_kpop 1786 days ago

can i buy that hoodie?? love it!!

rika_deer 1787 days ago

OH..can't believe many people crazy about his HOODIE ..?????????

yomiuri_izumi 1788 days ago

oppa loving your sweater!! ;D

miss_LOVETEUK 1791 days ago

Remarkable spin ...
I want this sweater!