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DirtyAndUnclean 1220 days ago

I swear Dom is a Zeta, no kidding.

Erasedmuseum 1377 days ago


ann9204 1436 days ago

Dom..?.. your eyes.. scary.. ^^;;

xGreenDayMusex 1440 days ago

Yeah.. Alien?? Oh btw love the suit.. :D

Alienubi 1442 days ago

Alien! xD

SheriDougherty 1443 days ago

hahaha...I can't seem to get over the glowing eyes in this pic

RosiexJo 1448 days ago

Dom, you looked super sexy in that last night & tonight ;)

fuckyesfabregas 1449 days ago

Cos'è quella roba?òò

musicMelusine 1451 days ago

Are you the Walrus ?

pwoper_fish 1452 days ago

Dom with lasers :O

ShantiSNH 1452 days ago

is that a lady domdom custom?? i hope so :)

itsanaerandi 1452 days ago

cute smile, but your eyes scared me xD

naaatalia 1452 days ago

Dom with lasers! HAUHAUHAUHAHA

vandermaark 1453 days ago

Please, when you come to Southamerica, do a concert ALONE, wihout U2

LanaPeswani 1480 days ago

OMG SAME!!!!!!!! :D

Sunislikeaspoon 1483 days ago

Wow!!!! i saw you in this at wembley!!! you looked trés chic! best day of my life

AndySceppt 1483 days ago

I love your smile!!!!!!!! Sexy Dom ; )

LornaECHELON 1484 days ago

Dombie!!! D:

Mahsa_kia_ 1505 days ago

holy fuck!whats that>???u get funny if u wear that dude!
love ya!

30secondsOnly 1509 days ago

Funny eyes Dom <3