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I do not like anal sex with goats

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1699 days ago

I do not like anal sex with goats


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__DisBeliever__ 1697 days ago

The goat is wise.

cargeaux 1699 days ago

You kinda have to do a comic about goatlove now.

erica_jensen 1699 days ago

dear oatmeal, dont listen to ..they obviously dont know what their talking about. :D

adorhino 1699 days ago

Dear Oatmeal, People who say they don't usually do. For someone who insisted on not using cusswords on twitter, you sure are one dirty banana!

FrannaStar 1699 days ago

why is this normal here

I_Phlogiston 1699 days ago

Anal sex only with humans, please. o_O

SpinsterAndCat 1699 days ago

Howler monkey buttsecks is much better. Also they respect you in the morning. Goats just eat your shoes.

zembot 1699 days ago

Anal sex with people is still 100% acceptable though. Exit, entrance, what's the difference?

Kenj1 1699 days ago


cha0tic 1699 days ago

OK, no Anal, but what about regular sex with goats?

davivr 1699 days ago

why not? are you GAY?

EmpressCortana 1699 days ago

I totally thought that your "WTF" was a set up for a new comic you had just made.

TheBlackLaser 1699 days ago

You should try it. It's pretty fucking good and pretty good fucking. Then you can eat the goat. Yum.

FaithHalick 1699 days ago


rachmleg 1699 days ago

Lol, yes.

IGypsyWoman 1699 days ago

Didn't think you did LOL

tristanx 1699 days ago

Dying. Dead. *dead*

Kimfanta 1699 days ago

haha. very funny!

elliasw 1699 days ago

JESUS! o___o

ImmaculateEdits 1699 days ago

Suuuuuure you don't.