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Global tour golfer, @ijpdesign Owner. Massive Arsenal fan and Orlando Magic fan. Love Cars, Most of all love my Family time

My room full of all outfits, shoes, suits, credentials, like a kid in a sweetie store. #TwitPict

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2195 days ago

My room full of all outfits, shoes, suits, credentials, like a kid in a sweetie store. #TwitPict


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marcoskeaney 2184 days ago

i am extremely jealous!!!

cdebalko 2190 days ago

thanks for making us feel like we're there with you. I'm pro USA but wish you good luck

jm0259 2190 days ago

Ian, your are the best!!! Keep em coming!!

mjmtaf 2192 days ago

Not only is Poults one of the best golfers in the world but one of the best journalists too.

Woolly055 2193 days ago

Best of luck to all of the players in the RC. Lets hope the weather holds...

JamesWoodsIRL 2193 days ago

I heard on PGA tour network radio that shoes wernt part of the outfit, or is this USA only?

sprh18 2193 days ago

If you have any kit you would like to donate to my H4H auction would be mega. Good luck buddy!!

Johnzzo63 2193 days ago

Thanks Ian for all the pics, it really gives us a look at the inside of the rider cup.

AlbuQuirky 2194 days ago

New shoes 4 every 9 holes? Come ON! I hv my tkt 4 Saturday & am SO excited - best wishes Ian

ryanlj 2195 days ago

I bet being a pro is class, u r living the dream

MattGoodley 2195 days ago

i appreciate how you said sweetie and not candy! take that america! we're already 1-0 up!!!

P111ljn 2195 days ago

What do you do with your cast offs, look at the shoe boxes

ENZOCOREA 2195 days ago

that's sweet!

4thxjuly 2195 days ago

It's a bloody marvel isn't boyo..? Get to the market in Swansea boyo Saturday..

blackrat999 2195 days ago

Got my Marshalls outfit yesterday - no shoes to match though ?! C U on first tee Tues - ye ha!

Dazzler170 2195 days ago

I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting for the Ryder Cup to start. Not quite as excited as u tho!

johnearl22 2195 days ago

Pity your not a size 12 , I need a new pair of shoes