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1382 days ago


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DirtyAndUnclean 1079 days ago

Dom smokes? I thought he stopped :/

Feddersen25h 1265 days ago

incomprehensible goatee Hi take a look at

howtotamelions_ 1268 days ago

everything in this photo appeals to me. the shirt. the skinnies. the smoke. oh, and DOM.

KeTeVemCovers 1271 days ago


Dana_Buscall 1298 days ago

I have a question. Did you guys get in trouble for smoking on stage at the first Rod Laver Arena gig this year? Or is my sister lying?

xGreenDayMusex 1299 days ago

Nice t-shirt.. Didn't know u smoked.. That can't b good for drumming...

iloveuendlessly 1306 days ago

haha that t-shirt is awesome :DD dom i love u <3

fuckyesfabregas 1308 days ago

Dominic,tu fumi?DOMINIC JAMES HOWARS ARE YOU SMOKING?Bastardo,non lo sapevo ahahaahhha molla la sigaretta che ti fa male u.u

ShantiSNH 1311 days ago

hahahha :D
are you a smoker??
better not :)

AnnieBerryman 1312 days ago


ps. Is that a cigar? :/

iwish_icould13 1312 days ago


idgeimon 1329 days ago

Dom, Love you <3 :D

AndySceppt 1329 days ago

I like the t-shirt, but I want to the guy is behind it. = )

cportelli 1339 days ago

Dom eat!!!

ge0rgiaH 1340 days ago

I want this t-shirt.

TootingRebecca 1340 days ago

PS- owns my face. Sorry Tom & Morgan. You can't hog all the faces.

TootingRebecca 1340 days ago

'oMfg hizz smOOking!!' Who does that seriously? His a big boy. Us big boys (& girls) can smoke if we want.

DeadStar800 1340 days ago

I ment to say face.Im really sorry.

DeadStar800 1340 days ago

Tom and Morgan OWN YOUR RACE.HaHaHa.Love it.

levis0mnous 1340 days ago

so what he smokes? big deal -__-