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lmfao, mine & @teambiebermer fish we drew (lmfao) for our group...but is wasnt 'good enough' for the actual thing :(

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2104 days ago

lmfao, mine & fish we drew (lmfao) for our group...but is wasnt 'good enough' for the actual thing :(


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TweamBieber 1867 days ago


TweamBieber 1867 days ago

omg. remeber! !

LovingCocozzaa 2076 days ago

my fishhh :) well are fishhh awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Biebssaynever 2083 days ago

awww :c :)

TweamBieber 2083 days ago


LovingCocozzaa 2103 days ago

ill bring some other food aswell maybe it depends which way i walk and if i dont eat it in science lol

ChampionBieber 2103 days ago


TweamBieber 2103 days ago

lmfao! & yeah we shall look at him again tomorrow ;D & i'll bring a kit kat to share againn! lmfao

LovingCocozzaa 2103 days ago

i was like NOOOOOOOOO! AHHHH james you prick!!!!!!
aww i love are fishh ict tomorrow lets have a look at him

TweamBieber 2104 days ago

i know :( but i was like 'HAHAHA, WE SAVED IT ALREADY!'

LovingCocozzaa 2104 days ago

awww this fish is beautiful bloody james trying to turn the computer off i screamed lol xxxxxxxxxxx

iiBabyPanda 2104 days ago

hahaha fishy fish fish :D

Nanda_JustinS2 2104 days ago


TweamBieber 2104 days ago

thank you ;) i love my blue fish! haha!(: x

TweamBieber 2104 days ago

wohoo, haha(: x

stilldreaming03 2104 days ago

HEY LOOK! IT'S A FISH! lol duh yep, it's a fish..

JusBieberHeart 2104 days ago


k0alala 2104 days ago

love all the tags :')

TweamBieber 2104 days ago

k so i love this fish & i love adding tags.

TweamBieber 2104 days ago

someone from my group tried to turn off my computer so the fish would die, luckily i saved it before ;) lmfao