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Author of The Drunk Diet (In Stores March 13th 2012). DJ on @SiriusXM Hair Nation. Long Distance Runner & Semi-Pro Bowler.

Sunrise in Connecticut. On 2 wheels.

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1890 days ago

Sunrise in Connecticut. On 2 wheels.


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1Goddess_Gaga 1838 days ago

Left Conn. awhile back ago...very beautiful...the view from the airplane landing was amazing..CT. Rocks...

marcanthony758 1855 days ago

no shit i played a show in ct i went through there on tour

CarLivinTheLife 1868 days ago

... and I wonder how does Lüc Carl feel about beeing spoken by such a great number of people with the face of GaGa as profilephoto.

BadKidNicole 1873 days ago

Thats my homestate :)

virgilovesgaga 1887 days ago

cool :)

GagasGuitarGirl 1889 days ago

and tell her i am here for her because her grandpa just passed away

GagasGuitarGirl 1889 days ago

is to be her guitar player, i woujld do anything to keep her happy, i would die for her, tell her tht.

GagasGuitarGirl 1889 days ago

hey, i am 12 years old, and i love gaga to death, am like her biggest monster, and my dream...

Talops26 1889 days ago

You rock! Tell I love her & to please contact me. I would do anything for her. Please Please Please tell her! I really love her. I am 13 & straight. Saw the Mb in Oregon. I have one dream & it is to meet her(: Love everything about h

gaga4Gaga777 1890 days ago

aw that's so beautiful!!!!

pacerfanatic 1890 days ago

Beautiful Luc! It's good to see my dollars hard @ work!

monsterdaily 1890 days ago

oh, that's pretty beautiful Luc! can u help me with my latest tweet? there's some uncertainty about it.

aPurpleDreams 1890 days ago

Wonderful Place!! I would like to visit there.

bornmonstaKills 1890 days ago

beautiful :)

GermanMonstGaga 1890 days ago

love it you rock this

AgaFantastique 1890 days ago

wonderful :)