Simon Pegg


Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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2192 days ago


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rinalies 2179 days ago

тема сисек принцесс Лей не раскрыта(

MangaUK 2181 days ago

Peggy! The cute one ont he far right of photo was at the Con Til Dawn party. She complained about Stan Lee feeling her up during a photo op! She said, he husband was really chuffed. Ha ha.

des_otto 2183 days ago

After looking at this pic, I vow that I will never suicide!

Carisone 2191 days ago

I am a bit disappointed that that none of them have the 'croissant buns' onb the sides of their heads..

bassanoclapper 2191 days ago

. does it better

KevinDouble 2191 days ago

Surely that purple robe & ginger hair is proof of a dodgy pirated copy being used as a reference! Tsk!

hungry_traveler 2191 days ago

"Around the survivors, a perimeter create!"

BobWeide 2191 days ago

If Kirk plays his cards right, he might get Leia'd.

ojlefty 2191 days ago

no wonder we don't know where Waldo is, he's wearing a yellow shirt now!

MrLuvanutha 2191 days ago

poor kirk looks like the most unhappy person in that room... I reckon he's been told to piss off more than once... "go on, clear off kirk...stop touching me...get out of it"....

Erick_Dv 2191 days ago

It's like every geek's dreams

Darndez 2191 days ago

apart from the guy in the yellow t-shirt.

Chibi_sama 2191 days ago

That poor confused command gold in the back. "I'm not sure if I'm allowed to like this..."

StuartNelson1 2191 days ago

OMG!!! I'm in heaven

MartyMacGyver 2191 days ago

Hey, look! A balloon and festive bunting!

G_O_D_Almighty 2191 days ago

Someone REALLY ought to tell Kirk, It's not polite to point.

qyuiop 2191 days ago

The horrible dilemma: Begin narrow down based on minutiae, then feel like you're missing out...

richnairn 2191 days ago

how on earth did someone take a photo of one of my teenage dreams?!

jahhdog 2191 days ago

Luke thought to himself, "Dad was VERY busy!".


MichaelHomes 2191 days ago

Is that a blaster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.....