Levi Leipheimer


Team Astana Cyclist

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2036 days ago


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phyllispollock 2012 days ago

We have two tiny sister Brussel Griffons we've given a forever home to. They're the light of our life!!! Your the best Levi!!

rickdelgado 2029 days ago

Be careful, the French might want to test your dog!

Magalinii 2032 days ago

Beautiful! I know some who also rescued a dog in Merced. mistywhippet is right. It's such a wonderful thing to rescue a dog.

mistywhippet 2036 days ago

He is too cute, you do wonderful things when you rescue a dog.

DennisKOsborne 2036 days ago

I love the one on Elizabeth's site. http://www.elizabethkreutz.com/

SaraCovich 2036 days ago

I just keeled over from cuteness. :D

jaowen 2036 days ago

Maybe you should put a little basket on the front of one of your bikes so he coud ride with you. Ok, maybe not.

ErikBecerril 2036 days ago

Seriously, man. You and Odessa do wonderful, wonderful work!

ETurn 2036 days ago

cute- he looks just like you

ridelong 2036 days ago

Hank and Elliot (our rescue guys) want to come and play!

bikepix 2036 days ago

I think when you rescue an animal there is a very special bond

koala_finger 2036 days ago

OMG it's so freakin cute haha

allez08 2036 days ago

I think the work you and Odessa do is so wonderful. I wish I could take care of more but three's my limit!

mrsredboots 2036 days ago

Oooh, he's lovely!

EnnajM 2036 days ago

What cute little dog, look like my fathers Baltus :OD

JohnCroz 2036 days ago

Awesome! Dogs rule!

k_a_ferguson 2036 days ago

thanks for rescuing a doggie in need.

mariojas1 2036 days ago

Awww! How sweet! Everyone knows, though, you gotta have a quirky name for a Chihuahua! Mine: Mr. Bigglesworth and Mini-Me.

alfrider 2036 days ago

Here is a cycling team for animal lovers! www.animalliberationracing.com
Check it out

destinyclancy 2036 days ago

Awwww! Cute.