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Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

Happy Alaska faces cheering dance star Mark Ballas' visit this week!Welcomed w/lotso' excited kids

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2073 days ago

Happy Alaska faces cheering dance star Mark Ballas' visit this week!Welcomed w/lotso' excited kids


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RedeemedbyJESUS 2011 days ago

Awww, they are such an adorable pair. And Bristol sure is a sweetie!

MelissaDilan 2071 days ago

I just watched their rehearsal video, it's here: "How is Bristol Palin coping with criticism?"

Soozy 2072 days ago

Great Stuff I am pleased for Bristol to have such a wonderful experience in life. Dance Mark and Bristol

MelissaWollrabe 2072 days ago

I'm definetly voting for her I hope she goes all the way

ThomasSSchmitz 2073 days ago

I voted for Bristol last monday night and I will vote for her Mom in two years!

brianmcandrew 2073 days ago

I hope Bristol & Mark go all the way!

nanijeanie 2073 days ago

WOW! That's a great picture of Bristol, she's in back her element back in her beloved Alaska!

EsmeReutov 2073 days ago

Always odd to hear politicians speak in 3rd-person; Murkowski: "You know what? Lisa might be a risk-taker, but she's got a real shot..."Odd ODDER is Palin speaking as the voice of God...Email she sent out about Trig.

EsmeReutov 2073 days ago

Bristol Palin going to jail, Alaska's own little Lohan.

Stewman1965 2073 days ago

I'm so impressed with Bristol's strength and resolve, what a great example for young girls/women.

ReaganTMan 2073 days ago

Best of Luck to Bristol and Mark! The whole Palinista army is cheering them on!

jimmyhdrive 2073 days ago

I'm in love with Bristol!!!

gary4205 2073 days ago

Awesome! Mark is a good guy. So happy Bristol got him for her dance partner.

Tazzara 2073 days ago

I really enjoyed watching Bristol and Mark dance....carry on...and good luck!!!!

North2theFuture 2073 days ago

simply *great* photo ! ty ! *love* all those smiling faces. Well done Bristol and Mark !

CJWhodunit 2073 days ago

Looks like everyone is having a blast! :-) WTG, Bristol & Mark! Dance on!

TotusTeleprompt 2073 days ago