Neil Gaiman


will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

About to steal TARDIS and explore space and time. Back by lunchtime.

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2306 days ago

About to steal TARDIS and explore space and time. Back by lunchtime.


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PriscillaPrelo 2303 days ago

Hahahahaha soo great!!...Brilliant idea!!

DuneDRD 2305 days ago

could you take a short detour and pick me up?

98Clank98 2305 days ago

You better be back by lunchtime. I made roast pork.

TheTimeAngel 2306 days ago

Ok,Neil-why don't U just twist the knife as long as you have it in my side?
U look so good there!

ravensward 2306 days ago

*Squints* was right, your episode is in colour after all. Your incarnation could be the one with the most companion offers ever!

Ladyfox7oaks 2306 days ago

Could you swing by Carson, NV on your way? I won't take up much space and promise not to wander off!

FacePimp 2306 days ago

Quite possibly the best picture ever!

KamuiValentine 2306 days ago

I think I have died from so much awesome in this pic!

Rebekahdg 2306 days ago

Yeah, with Charlie Mcdonell!

sLange_Windsor 2306 days ago

0.O One small step for Neil, one giant mindf*ck for the rest of us; give that man a crazy scarf!

GeekyLauren 2306 days ago

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. -shot-

color 2306 days ago

Be careful, one of those buttons is just a ketchup dispenser.

Kittycorgi 2306 days ago

I need to go too if you take the Princess. Please.

PrincessGwenie 2306 days ago

May I come too please.

SydNyte 2306 days ago

I must say you do look right at home in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

stessyjeem 2306 days ago

He'd make a great Doctor, especially if they let him write his own dialog.

SuburbAscetic 2306 days ago

The envy is HUGE!!! I am such a damn geek!

dragon0131 2306 days ago

Remember the yr. U don't want 2 show up in 2110. It canbe awkward ask the
Current doctor

TheLlamaGod 2306 days ago

Forget Johnny Depp, there's the twelfth Doctor that we need, right there.

Wyrdmaven 2306 days ago

Tom Baker does an awesome Neil Gaiman impersonation. Looks just like 'im.