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Drive cars at weekends, huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.

Let me tell you it'd alot blacker then the photo,think this means business!

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2136 days ago

Let me tell you it'd alot blacker then the photo,think this means business!


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monagus1000 2130 days ago

Good work again, you must now make a comitment to not let any one over take you for the rest of the year and if you dont get the prize at the end, we will all know that in true Aussie spirit you gave your all.

Amandarling1 2132 days ago

It's looking pretty much like that again now!!.Thankyou for the pic yesterday at pool.made my whole trip!!

tigressia1979 2133 days ago

Awesome race Mark, your overtaking was amazing! Onwards and upwards :)

PGdoll 2133 days ago

Great race yesterday Mark ;o) Some cracking overtaking moves!No points for Lewis hehe!

xyrael 2133 days ago

Great race mark. Thank you for returning that blue pen/marker! Its a novelty item now!

monagus1000 2134 days ago

I bet Seb crashes into Alonso, on lap one, then safety car deployed? What next, I am not that imaginative! Oh there could be a dead heat between Webber and Lewis.

iksokta 2134 days ago

get wet and win! Good Luck ;)

alpha2009 2134 days ago

Best of luck, wish u the best of starts and just drive like the champ u r!!!

trevsyates 2135 days ago

Mate, want to see you win tonight... I got 23/1 before the start of the season for you to win it!

Sacher73 2135 days ago

I'm disappointed with today's quali Mark, though I've heard you're disappointed too! :((

xyrael 2135 days ago

Reported to be like this thruout the wkend! Oh you're great in the wet anyway

monagus1000 2135 days ago

Sorry that last coment could offend some people, I will take back the blind part. I think all non Volvo driving men will still understand what I am trying to say. Keep away from the crazy man .Bang Crash Bang and Crash again!!! Are you all following

monagus1000 2135 days ago

Lets hope Seb is behind Hamilton and not you when the race is on. A blind woman driving backwards, in a car park, at night, in a manual Volvo would having less chance of crashing. Bang Crash !!!!!!!

JoannaCardwell 2136 days ago

It's a good omen for you Mark, good luck

tdcheck912 2136 days ago

Wow - that's a dramatic cloud line! All the best for the weekend

tracyohanlonxx 2136 days ago

good luck mark,get pole and win the race

NiggyNipper 2136 days ago

If anyone can? Fingers crossed for you & good luck! It's going to be an exciting one, can't wait!

nadinerachel 2136 days ago

Singapore, either very hot or very wet.... Go for a drink in Raffles. Should be an interesting race!!!!

Croakerthescout 2136 days ago

good luck mark

The_Better_One 2136 days ago