Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.


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Serbia_Beliebs 1991 days ago

I actually like Greek mythology... LoL

daninater 2046 days ago

Only in New York.

daninater 2046 days ago

Is that HOMER's Odyssey laying in MILTON's autumn leaves next to Lincoln's penny amongst the Marlboro Man's cigarettes?

ZookMachine 2046 days ago

A traveling library must have dropped it. Wait, what do you mean they don't have those anymore?...

maryjflores 2048 days ago

i just watched the movie! all this reminds me of school!! are u trying to torture me, Al!!

_arbela01 2048 days ago

bahaha. wierd. i'm reading that in english class right now

Chiron723 2048 days ago

That is wrong on so many levels... and funny on a few more.

alstalker 2048 days ago

! love it when you're literal!

ChysPeanut 2048 days ago


SariesWick 2048 days ago

*gasp!!!* >:C

ArtRithmetic 2049 days ago

oh oh

HandlewCare 2049 days ago

So very wrong!

WayCurious 2049 days ago

What an Illiad.

RedDeadRenee 2049 days ago

Woah XD

GaryCraig_ 2049 days ago

Can you believe anyone reads this garbage? I've heard of "Classical Gas" but this is "Classical Trash"!!!

AndaliteBandit 2049 days ago

It's a library book;maybe you could return it and save someone from late fees!

lily0313 2049 days ago

hahahaha it is an epic fail

Doom_Box 2049 days ago

That really is an "Epic" fail.

Cincoflex 2049 days ago

As a librarian and lifelong reader, I weep. I also hope you picked it up and gave it a good home.

THSWESSEL 2049 days ago

Probably thrown out because it wasn't about Homer J. Simpson