Bethenny Frankel


The original skinnygirl

This is what life is about.

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2163 days ago

This is what life is about.


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pachello1019 2062 days ago

I LOVE HER! She is so precious!

Francie007 2118 days ago

too cute!

sydygirl 2119 days ago

OHH Bethenny!! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL & PRECIOUS!!! What a gift she is! So happy for you & Jason!

mayasamb 2140 days ago

I loved "bethenny gettg married" and I think in this pic Bryn looks sooo much lik Jason's mom. Nice pic very adorable!

maemen1 2143 days ago

oh she is adorable!

Debrosi 2145 days ago

awwww... soooo precious!!! =)

Court11026624 2158 days ago

Oh how sweet and cute! She's getting so big!! She seems to love Cookie and Cookie loves her. <3

Daizzie99 2158 days ago

This is so cute!

MrsJDeon 2160 days ago

I LOVE this picture, your words fit perfectly.

StarvingDiva 2160 days ago

She just gets more and more beautiful

ASingleRose 2160 days ago

This is a great photo! I can't get over how big Bryn has gotten. Thanks so much for sharing. <3

Melodayy08 2160 days ago

she looks like jason! wow so cute.

Ariuszme 2162 days ago

Looks like Jason's mom :)

stardaisy26 2162 days ago

Love adorable! Looks like cookie has a new freind :)

SparklesDaCat 2162 days ago

So sweet!♥♥

ehskee86 2162 days ago

so cute. thanks for sharing! and, yes, she looks just like jason!

GranolaLola1 2162 days ago

awww Bethenny

pemoye 2162 days ago

To have started out so high strung, you and Cookie have become WONDERFUL Mommies!

Amosotis11 2163 days ago

Cutest pic ever!! Bryn is gorgeous and getting so big!!! Cookie looks so content!

SusanK96 2163 days ago

Bryn is beautiful ! Just like her Mom and Dad !!!