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Quick kitchen update! Just got sent this after two days work. I'll leave the guys to crack on with it now!

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1805 days ago

Quick kitchen update! Just got sent this after two days work. I'll leave the guys to crack on with it now!


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Chipps 1792 days ago

Nice! I hope you're still keeping the Aga though. When does it have to be finished by?

cu5h 1797 days ago

Looks like US F1's workshop...

RussBroom 1800 days ago

have you spoken to Cruncher about this job?
Try holding him back! lol

Livvers 1800 days ago

you need to hire the master tiler that is haha

PaulJohnDoherty 1803 days ago

Kitchen looking good mate - Trounce Seb at Singapore.. CMON!:)

RussBroom 1804 days ago

Looks a lot like my bathroom at the moment!
I trust there'll be AGA in there when it's done though..

iksokta 1804 days ago

wow, I don't think would eat any from this place haha...still goin a lot of job to do you guys ;)

willoughv 1804 days ago

My 9 yr old daughter says "He must be eating aloooooot of takeaway!!!!" and she then giggled...CUTE

willoughv 1804 days ago

A view dreams are made of!!!Oh,oh the kitchen, yes the kitchen.PRETTY DARN EMPTY MATE!!!lol.Will be nice though, i'm sure.

Croakerthescout 1804 days ago

look on the bright side you have a little step ladder to escape out the window

UmbralFinal 1804 days ago

You have a really nice view towards nature!!!

pturner7 1804 days ago

We're a quite a bit further ahead with our kitchen but still have that brush against the wall!

the_scotsman_ 1804 days ago

NIce...and there's you stuck in Singapore while they do some hard yakka in your kitchen! I got butterflies for the race already!

fidgety_jen 1804 days ago

I'd be too distracted by that view to cook anything!

julesfinchy 1805 days ago

My kitchen looked like that when I was in Egypt. Don't forget to post what the finished outcome looks like.

stuartrodgers 1805 days ago

Just make sure they've left enough room for the WDC trophy cabinet! =)

stuartrodgers 1805 days ago

Ah, that's not so bad, the worst bit is done - it'll all come together quickly now :)

herlinga 1805 days ago

Can I cook in it?

Sacher73 1805 days ago

Seems nice, but there's still a lot of work to be done! I needed 10 years to rebuild my home

becksbissell 1805 days ago

very minimalist! ;)