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I made an armor for those who like earth tones!

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2073 days ago

I made an armor for those who like earth tones!


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clarkhou 2020 days ago

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. u are a GIRL!

Crystal_Lion 2065 days ago

That's a good one!But neck-less?At least you're not forcing burleycue for the time being.

HinaAE 2065 days ago

Is there, by any chance, going to be other elemental versions of this? :o Say, the water element? :3

SSJ4Gohan 2065 days ago

There is no limit as far as I know on twitpic.I can type for years and years,but I won't,Epic armor will there be any other elemental armors?

CheshireShadow 2067 days ago

It looks really cool. Limit won't let me say everything, but know that this is one of your best. :D

metalwingterror 2068 days ago

miltonius thanks for making hoodie non member i love u!
btw,when will warlord of miltonius come out?

VladamireAQW 2069 days ago

Ahhh finally found out the creator of these items. Loving the helm. Finally another good hoody

nonpownerAE 2069 days ago

Ah! wondered who made that one! Nice! I really find this attractive

daxterflames 2070 days ago

nice work wid tha rockz...

Zakristone 2070 days ago

Umbra has a seriously weird face.

GriefAE 2070 days ago

That is one incredibly square jaw. o.o"

SkylineSV 2070 days ago

Really awesome design. Magical indeed.

RetrocidoNegro 2070 days ago

In some type of OMG GODLIEK Hard quest to rule them all? o:

RetrocidoNegro 2070 days ago

I agree with Josh. And on a side note. Any news on Terc? Or maybe releasing your NPC's stuff?

Josh245AE 2071 days ago

You have to smoothen the helms face lines it looks so faek when it's not smoothed.

RednarReborn 2072 days ago


Sarah_HeartsAE 2072 days ago

The armors look good btw!

Sarah_HeartsAE 2072 days ago

Thank u for female version preview! Good to see what ur female armors look like prior to release :)

1c3AE 2072 days ago

obviously you need to make Ice elemental armors. Kthanx..

MrFoouFoou 2072 days ago

I... Liek this.