Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Hey @letsfcancer, thanks for the stickers.

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1965 days ago

Hey , thanks for the stickers.


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tbc312 1945 days ago


monkeyqueen2010 1959 days ago

Use caring words for cancer survivors, yes, but NOT for cancer itself. By all means, FUCK CANCER!

warmz 1961 days ago

jackiecav1 Fair play to you ;) .. I am informed by the China Study -

jackiecav1 1962 days ago

warmz is an misinformed ! have a balanced diet including healthy live long and strong

_student4ever 1963 days ago

Joke'm if they can't take a Fuck ;) Not for all audiences, but I like it!

jody_dunn 1964 days ago

I think the F word has been persecuted enough. Free FUCK! ....wait that might not be a good slogan.

filmchick53 1964 days ago

Watch a loved one die from cancer. You'll say far worse things to the cancer destroying them.

bartig1 1964 days ago

Gracefully dude? Really Is cancer graceful when it destroys lives! We need more like this F cancer

jezgodlonton 1964 days ago

sorry Lance but wheres the grace, the f word is not a caring word in any means, yes fight cancer but gracefully..think it best i switch off from your twitters as think we have different outlooks now...take care Lance....

warmz 1965 days ago

.. F**k eating animals & eating animal products that cause cancers ..

Pure_Chiro 1965 days ago

Nice one!

JGrantis 1965 days ago