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1428 days ago


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xGreenDayMusex 1342 days ago

Nice.. Best concert I've ever been too and I've been to a few!!

itsanaerandi 1354 days ago

who took the picture ._.?

vandermaark 1355 days ago

Please, when you come to Southamerica, do a concert ALONE, wihout U2

DeadStar800 1382 days ago

Wow.Cool pic.

cacahouete56 1383 days ago

The life in blue

YasminMuseMapz 1415 days ago

Ohh, when are you guys coming to Malaysia? YOU KNOW the stadium's packed like sardines and tickets sold out fast? :D

pwoblematique 1424 days ago

Rehearsing wut?

louiseisgreen 1425 days ago

Why aren't you posting these on twitter!? They deserve tweets.

EmoBeefCake 1425 days ago

<3<3, Why havent you guys posted these pics on your twitter?

MarianneMuser 1425 days ago


MK_Tiny 1426 days ago

Me too :) It's so blue out here (*-*)

MK_Soultra 1427 days ago

love the light

whokilledcookie 1427 days ago

flawless :3

Ronniees 1427 days ago

o.O amazing

Cylux 1427 days ago

Kirk your the media guy use your media skills and your photography skills yesey and towers yay :D

newton_abbot 1427 days ago

I'm guessing this was at San Diego right? If so...... I was there :B

ManyZeros 1427 days ago

Jesus you don't know how much I need to see you guys again....

alexreino 1427 days ago

Ohhhh so very sexy.

lovepeacempathy 1427 days ago

Kirk, you should to take some lessons on how to use twitter from Chris.