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Me and my Italian men friends

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1669 days ago

Me and my Italian men friends


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pinksaidebaixo 814 days ago


mdridwan 1271 days ago

where be your legs...??

JennyRoman147 1618 days ago

very gooD!!!keep up the good work!!you look awsome!^_^

TheHiltonParis 1646 days ago

Awesome photo! PS What happened to your legs?

tgredma 1654 days ago

u look great !!! when is yr show coming back

peterbrassea23 1657 days ago

you look amazing! You've lost alot of weight too. When does the show come back!?

MrsGermany 1662 days ago

Kirstie you are so beautiful...big kiss from germany

UranusHertz 1662 days ago

Clearly Kirstie is still too sexy for people to understand!

UranusHertz 1662 days ago

People, she and the guy to her right are both lying on the table (the long dining room kind of table). Thus no legs below the table. Look at the full size version.

alantshearer 1662 days ago

#fail why can no one just take a damn picture anymore? Just

ZaphodQB 1663 days ago

Soooooo Photoshopped! Nothing in the room shares the same vanishing point perspective. see

LiteSoul 1663 days ago

Extremely Photoshopped, YOU HAVE NO LEGS baby, and the guy next 2 u neither

frogbert 1663 days ago

Where are your legs?

QDDP 1664 days ago

Such an inspiration!!! Thanks Kirstie!

DEBDOE56 1665 days ago

WOW U INSPIRE ME GIRLFRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachele71 1665 days ago

I saw you once in Florence, Italy near Piazza della Signoria. You're beautiful !

smartandcrafts 1665 days ago

You are always beautiful and classy, even if with some pound more but you have done a great job and you look ravishing, very nice guys too! Hugs from Italy:-)

conniewhitewolf 1666 days ago

Looking great keep up the good work , You make those guys look great

paljusty 1666 days ago

WOW Kirstie you look great!...Looks like your hangin with the mafia...LOL..None are wearing wedding bands..Id like to $%#@ the one sitting on the floor...

rudy1827 1666 days ago

GOOD FOR YOU!!! You go girl! When all else fails (Jenney Craig) launch your own diet system and become hugely successful, happy, healthy, beautiful and an inspiration to well, everyone! You Rock!