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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

Here is Diana Wynne Jones looking beatific in her kitchen today. The inexplicable notice is from about 1987.

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2310 days ago

Here is Diana Wynne Jones looking beatific in her kitchen today. The inexplicable notice is from about 1987.


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BonnieSparkles 2309 days ago

Oo... I spy a Mucha sketch on her wall, too!
Mucha and Gaiman, together, at last!

teeurano 2310 days ago

Oh, how good it feels to see her! She's my favorite author in the whole world!

hurra03 2310 days ago

Hope she's well

VikkiHurst 2310 days ago

reinforces my image of all writer bods sitting round big table drinking tea & scribbling together

seawall 2310 days ago

Lovely to see her! Hope she's feeling well

dimerization 2310 days ago

<3 Diana Wynne Jones! Her work is so wonderful.

miamat 2310 days ago

Beautiful, just beautiful :D thanks for showing this!

therru 2310 days ago

You both have crazy hair. How wonderful!

amovingcastle 2310 days ago

the fact that my two favorite authors actually know and like each other is wonderful to me.

CygnetFlying 2310 days ago

She looks different than I imagined her.

phoenixfirecat 2310 days ago

I adore her and her books. Such an amazing woman....and I'd support that flyer too!!

Menshevixen 2310 days ago

Two of my favorite authors in the same picture. Diana Wynne Jones is just amazing. And if Neil were the Pope I might convert to Catholicism...

Heathyr_Wynne_L 2310 days ago

My middle name is Wynne, too. :) Love that flyer, I'd get behind that!

PriscillaPrelo 2310 days ago

Jajajajajaja she's very funny and amazing!!! ...Howl┬┤s moving Castle is totaly brilliant!!!

NWSmiley 2310 days ago

She look great!

marcosfaria70 2310 days ago

I started reading DWJ because of a 2009 blog post in which you mentioned her. Thanks for that, too.

renaessance 2310 days ago

She has a marvelous face. :) Such a lovely expression!

phoebesmum 2310 days ago

I hope DWJ is dealing well with her illness. If I knew her, I would send her hugs.

revistaremix 2310 days ago

Could Neil explain Tim Hunter and his tutors to a bunch of cardinals? Would the cardinals fancy Tim?

Tara_Jen 2310 days ago

Love her!! Howl's Moving Castle is wonderful! :D