Ashlee Simpson Wentz


this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

backstage fob rehearsal.. this is how we feel about razors with pyro..woo mike

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2759 days ago

backstage fob rehearsal.. this is how we feel about razors with pyro..woo mike


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puhpuhpuhpimpin 2081 days ago

Shut your huge nasty ass mouth huge chin

everystarfalls 2118 days ago


RenRenT 2217 days ago

lol. look at pete in the background hehe

imnatg 2551 days ago

ahha cool pic u are kinda vampire :P

ariel_ariel 2665 days ago

Vampires , Ashlee you have to throw Kristen from Twilight you are the best choice ;));));0))(kidding )

sourpunkkid 2672 days ago

Ewwwwwwwww Look at Man-Hands/Huge Nose Mouth!

TeamCoyle 2673 days ago

wow i just have to comment one more time seriously find something productive to do with your time instead of showing ashlee how jealous u are hahaha suck on that jerk offs!

sickofsissyz 2673 days ago

EWWw I just have to Comment this one more time, Yuck! Why would You Post this? , I think s Old Shrived Up Ass Wants Your Dick!

sarah174ever 2673 days ago

Dang Her Mouth is as Huge as that Girls Head! Ashlee, You are Fake inside and Out!

ayeshahzhang 2686 days ago

huge:-?she is so little!lol,I wanna bite you ash...

sickofsissyz 2690 days ago

Eww Ashlee Simpson is Nasty , Look at her Huge Mouth and Man Hands, Her Nose is still HUGE

celebrity_hoc 2694 days ago

hey i used to work with ashley.. not simpson but
the other chica pictured! hi ash if you see this!

bare_foot 2697 days ago

sourpunkid:you are whats wrong with the world... Inbreeding is wrong, someone should have told this to your parents... seriously you should have been a wank! Same goes for pushindaisy.

sourpunkkid 2697 days ago

look at Man Hands and Her Huge ass Mouth and trust Me if I was Jealous of anyone it be someone like Jessica Alba , not this Idiot.

pushindaisy 2697 days ago

Nasty Big Nose and Mouth Bitch!

vikkivikkivikki 2699 days ago

sexymisty, if you are really so disgusted, do one yeah ? no one wants to hear you beongjealous, it's boring us all to tears.

this picture is ace x

sexymisty 2699 days ago


WalelaAnn 2700 days ago

people are so damn mean . ashlee is wonderful . no one said you had to look at her pictures . if you don't like her, go away .

XxWellFlyHomexX 2700 days ago

You know, I am fairly neutral about Ashlee Simpson. And whatever surgeries and stuff she did were her choices, and they're no big deal. People do them every day. There has to be something about her that made Pete want to marry her, so I figure she's fine.

sourpunkkid 2701 days ago

Yuck! What a Corny Ass Wannabe Idiot.