taec yeon ok


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2yukipm 2073 days ago

ur practice room i think

mandiloveskhun 2073 days ago

I cant tell where this is! D; whereeeee [:

yuiautumn17 2073 days ago

c u in Bangkok.

Lizzie_LaikhaG6 2074 days ago

THIS!!! Is just soo random... I LOIKKESS!!! <3

miracle0907 2074 days ago

^^ What? Is your practice room?

cutie_cutie_ 2074 days ago

it's kinda empty
but this is the place where you guys practice to bring something new or what ever
so it's not empty at all
in fact it's full with happy and sad and tired feelings
and 4 that it's the most beautiful pic i've ever saw

AMDMONDVA 2074 days ago

oh....and Take care don't hurt O.K? strong Taec you don't hurt TAT

AMDMONDVA 2074 days ago

practice? that's guy is Khun......and and hahaha....try of your best ^-^ I'm waiting to see you in Thailand love you na Taec^0^

coolsama 2074 days ago

허 이건 뭐지??? 여기에만 올린 사진이구낭 ㅜㅜ 연습하느라 힘들겠군하ㅠㅠ 토닥토닥! 연습한 만큼 아니 그 배로 더 좋은 모습 보일 수 있고 좋은 결과 얻을 수 있을테니 힘내긔!

kingbealor 2074 days ago

oh! whatt ?????????

hayo0onaOKcat 2074 days ago

floor ???

mintwyy 2074 days ago


A_Taec 2074 days ago

이 사진 이제 보는데 누가누군지 궁금하네요 ㅎㅎ 그리고 흑백이라서 그런지 뭔가 분위기 있네요!ㅋㅋ

5gulA 2074 days ago

다치지 않게 조심하긔...!!

Pear2pm 2075 days ago

อารายของแมวอ่า ^^

allialex 2076 days ago

yeah!! practice ^.^ 2PM fighting

Lanmumu 2076 days ago

:) yeah 2PM fighting !!!!!!!!