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Signing some merch for the kaleidoscope heart tour!!! Awwww shiiiiiit.

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1894 days ago

Signing some merch for the kaleidoscope heart tour!!! Awwww shiiiiiit.


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splthorizons 1798 days ago

just got one of these for christmas! so cool!

MeghannNeveau 1835 days ago

bought one=] then someone stole it=[ just my luck!

Aliqroz 1885 days ago

great picture (;

rachellamb 1888 days ago

Man, oh man, wish I was selling that merch for you again!

nardarafaela 1890 days ago

I'm really REALLY sad that the tickets for the NY Concert are Sold Out! :(

Jmw268 1891 days ago

awesome! can't wait to see you on tour! I listen to your CD every day in the car... today this guy drove up to my car and blared his loud music... so I just turned up "Uncharted" even louder ;)

NeuroHormone 1893 days ago

I want one. It's not available on the Sara Bareilles Shop. )=

Melissasena 1893 days ago

i reallllly hope you're selling these at now&zen!

LtlHeidi 1893 days ago

Beautiful! Will this only be available at shows?

lu_bodeman 1894 days ago

Gorgeous layout, BTW. The overall result is awesome. Congrats and happy touring!

lu_bodeman 1894 days ago

Hi Sara! Guess Brazilian fans are present and accounted for. Let us know when u come this way. <3

Rebecca_1990 1894 days ago

Ohh I soo wanna go!!

boyle2000 1894 days ago

oh the life of a superstar- you need ppl for this sort of thing! hey save one for me?

cyndypegues 1894 days ago

...continued : my life would be made. For sure.

cyndypegues 1894 days ago

Sec. C Row 8 Seat 9. Oct 2nd, Dallas, Texas. If you could just throw one out to me in a break between your song....

yoppuyoppu 1894 days ago

Cuter than Hello Kitty. Save one for me.

NKorn9 1894 days ago

Awww yeahhhhhhh! I cannot wait for Nov 8th in Toronto!
Save some signed merch for that show girl!

crabbiehannah 1894 days ago

Soooo excited to see you again at home in the Boldt. HSU in Dec!!

Nah182_ 1894 days ago

wonderful! wish you have a good tour [impossible dont have!] - will you come to Brazil someday?