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this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

Who is ready for glee tonight? @dannykurily might be a little too ready....

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2168 days ago

Who is ready for glee tonight? might be a little too ready....


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MeCute07 2100 days ago

DEMO mailing it to Diddy Tuesday.....wait for the results I am so like Nick Lachey...

MeCute07 2100 days ago

Demo wasn't finish I should have sent it anyway ERR to myself. I have a NEW SOUND new music. R&B Hip Hop My future Bad Boys Records/Atlantic Sean P. Diddy Combs. marry my love...My sister can be my manager. started when i was young

MeCute07 2100 days ago

Not like Ryan Cabrera "Chicken" I hate singing about SEX. I want POP ROCK my another song "Here With You" "Other Side" "Completed Me" I have my sexy singing voice. I regret what i did in the past Feb.2007.

MeCute07 2100 days ago

Writing all these songs for nothing...and DEMO love ballads My favorite "The First Time" and "See You" out of 12 I can't use it now. Dedicated to my love..Brave to sing it in front of her

MeCute07 2100 days ago

Joe Simpson is ungreatful...Not signing me for management..I had to change my music style to R&B hip hop I am pop rock...My last chance to get a contract. Unemployed DIDDY my last chance.

RenRenT 2163 days ago

No pressure though

RenRenT 2163 days ago

lul! peace ashlee, please come out with more beats! Your songs rock!

bunnybee1982 2163 days ago

HAHAHA that is awesome!

PolinaKrass 2167 days ago

Adidas? Wow! =)) funny

moyacristina 2167 days ago

hahaha! ♥

MardiGras30 2167 days ago


stylish_irish69 2167 days ago

i am :) i love glee

Blackholequasar 2167 days ago

Oh, - red is totally your color. #glee

Mangobbyxo 2168 days ago

thats amazing! and i am so ready for glee. i watched the whole first season over again today!

_caroliinemoura 2168 days ago


veroniicap 2168 days ago

┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

SammyGreeen 2168 days ago

jajajaja glee the best Always!

BelieberNoDoubt 2168 days ago

hahah thats funnyy i cant wait forr glee