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Tom Hicks on a bench outside of JP Morgan & Deutsche Bank -- September 21, 2010

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2311 days ago

Tom Hicks on a bench outside of JP Morgan & Deutsche Bank -- September 21, 2010


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Olowokere 2301 days ago

I love what every body have say so fall Gill & co should go ll need them no more. LIVERPOOL to the rest of my life

jimmie2b 2302 days ago

I'm not even a Liverpool fan, but even I know Hicks and Co are killing Liverpool FC

ismailspatel 2302 days ago

Mr Hicks, do us all a favour and in the long run yourself... and LEAVE!!!! Your reputation is in tatters

noaspa 2303 days ago

A thief sitting outside the house of his big bad boss - can't wait to see him out of Liverpool

orwellthedog 2303 days ago

Poor Tom; Why can't you just leave him to his own devices? :-)

jibbbo 2311 days ago

I hear Hicks financial plans got butt fucked by Liverpool fans today!! fantastic!!!

jibbbo 2311 days ago

tabstout. what do you consider a "real football player"? some fat gay fuck in a crash helmet?

BarryLAndrews 2311 days ago

Inside the bag lies a strangled and plucked Liverbird....or Rafa's head...or George Gillett

___D3L3T3D___ 2311 days ago

Some people just don't know when to f*ck off

comradegrushko 2311 days ago

Someone should walk up to him and shoot the twat.

Nye1986 2311 days ago

Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway, Jeffrey Dahmer where are you now that we need you most?

lawsonlfc 2311 days ago


ElaineK1804 2311 days ago

get the lift to the roof and jump off you fat lying f*ck

tinatorres9 2311 days ago

Dont give them any money they are nothin but LAIRS get out of r club xx YNWA xx

Shankly_Gates 2311 days ago

Pity he isn't having to sleep on it!

joanneLFC 2311 days ago

you lying bastards, get out of our club
fan power, nice one Erin YNWA

totalkhaos 2311 days ago

Hope you enjoy that bench, Tom. You'll be sleeping under similar ones before too long.

Callum_F1 2311 days ago

Hope someone gave him a right good slap. lying tosser!

jantorres9 2311 days ago

fuck off frm our club u yank cunt

ThisIsAnfieldL4 2311 days ago

.. & all you could do is take his photo!? How about a swift kick to the undercarriage!?