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2314 days ago


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tots4sho 2309 days ago

Great show, loved it! You did a good job!

sisirverduzco 2310 days ago

SICK...loved the show bro!!

dglatour 2312 days ago

one of the coolest things I've ever done - thanks for having me there Biz!

hey_tina 2312 days ago

awesome! i'm watching your appearance as i type. lol

PsiChic 2312 days ago

You did a great job not laughing the whole time...that would be hard with Stephen, I can see that! Yet appeared you enjoyed yourself. Well done. Hurrah!

TruthPower 2313 days ago

Great. A book signing!

wherewavesbreak 2313 days ago

Its was wicked funny

tshane 2314 days ago

Sweet! Great interview.

DwayneLGill 2314 days ago

Great job Biz! Really enjoyed it!

FreeSkier41 2314 days ago

Nice Job on Colbert enjoyed it- great pic;)

CalliCoop 2314 days ago

You did great! It was fun to watch.

chumblespuzz 2314 days ago

just saw the interview and really enjoyed it! thanks for twitter!

Star_Sentira 2314 days ago

just watched it! I love love love that man Colbert lol you were pretty awesome too much love xoxo

ExitPass 2314 days ago

great interview biz!

ahimay 2314 days ago

It was peanut-butta-jelly-time great!

lacajag 2314 days ago

V. nice job! Biz + Stephen was great combo.

lyoness876 2314 days ago

Just saw you on there! That's why I'm on here now! Lots of love!

nucleartesla 2314 days ago

I am so jealous of this!

jayenO 2314 days ago

You're lucky as hell

conniecrosby 2314 days ago

Well done on the interview--just wish it was longer!