From Scott Russell: Here's a quick photo I took at the Windfarm today.. one of those moments you wished you had your SLR with you... but - alas.  It's a picture of my son, Calum, who loves dressing up as a Knight and visiting castles.  Today, I took him and my one year old daughter to Whitlee - he insisted on wearing his Knight's Helmet.  
The 'wind turbine' (as Calum calls it) that he's holding is a palm tree that spins and lights up - he got it when we went to see In the Night Garden Live At Glasgow Green at the weekend.  It was so windy today that it would turn without being switched on... and when it was switched on, it would spin particularly fast.  Calum loved this - and enjoyed telling me that the wind was making it spin faster.  
I love this photo.  It's only taken on an iPhone.  The resolution is awful and it's washed out.  But in it, it captures the imagination of a child.  The palm tree held up by the knight - pure fantasy, while the graceful reality of the wind turbines turn in the background.  I love how he's looking at it and how it lines up well with the rest of the turbines.  
We then went back to the visitors centre for cake. :)