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I've seen many spellings of my name over the years... dirk smits is a first! #fb

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1624 days ago

I've seen many spellings of my name over the years... dirk smits is a first! #fb


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tpbr549 1269 days ago

Jimmy"s younger bro? Great album. Love the b - grass influence.

billyz253 1622 days ago

So Dirks Smith is what you book your hotel under :)

SingingWithDB 1623 days ago

Love it! From Kelly Smith.

lauriepropps 1623 days ago

Porno name?

Fort_Chaos 1623 days ago

Apparently your new secret identity isn't quite so secret any more.

Alissa_Grace 1623 days ago

hhahahahahah remember derik smity?!?!?

Precious1953 1624 days ago

My name is Becky Wierzbicki.People say it like this, Becky Wheresabecky..not even close..LOL

diangraham 1624 days ago

Are u sure that was yours???

smwilhite 1624 days ago

too funny!

Justeeny422 1624 days ago


puppetgrrl 1624 days ago

Wow, that's just bad...

dbcongress 1624 days ago

Are you sure the contents belonged to you? Or did you forget your undercover name again?

Unbranded1 1624 days ago

Hi, I'm Dirk Smits, I've been wondering what happened to my envelope ! j/k !

so_yesterday 1624 days ago

it must be your alias, didn't Brit tell you?

ddritzenhein 1624 days ago

Nice Photo

JessSimmons87 1624 days ago

oh geez come on people.. lol hey mine is jessica simmons and i have people always putting simpson

schalm34 1624 days ago

Someone didn't do their homework. They could've typed Dier into google and your name pops up. ( Yes, I tried.)

countrytunes 1624 days ago

LOL That is pretty awesome.

AmandaM821 1624 days ago

How on earth did they come up with that?! Especially the Smits part lmao

loveopensky 1624 days ago

oh come on!! How they mess that up!