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In Zurich and this is the sign for EXIT! AUSFAHRT! is it sad that I find this hillllarious!?

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2316 days ago

In Zurich and this is the sign for EXIT! AUSFAHRT! is it sad that I find this hillllarious!?


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AmandaManse 2277 days ago

okayy.. I'm swiss & why exactly is that so hillarious ? haha.
no effence... it's just a word nicole ;)
what were you doing in zurich anyways? =)
it makes me sad that I missed you!

audihase0815 2302 days ago

yeh Nicole, german language is fundamental differently, AUS like OUT and FAHRT like DRIVE. DRIVE OUT = AUSFAHRT ;-)

kalboski 2310 days ago

The first time I drove in Germany I thought this was a sign for a place - couldn't understand how anywhere could be as big as Ausfahrt!

LostSoulnMe 2311 days ago

mmm Zurich ;D
I was there :)

MaryAnn_Smile 2311 days ago

yey! Iam from germany i speak german too, its a naturally word!

jmt1344 2314 days ago

I laughed too the first time I saw that sign in Germany!

MandyhMedeiros 2315 days ago

LMAO...No no Nicole, it isn't sad...This is Hillllarious LMAO

AussieCatDoll 2315 days ago

..."...Lewis, he does a good impression of if me, he's like; "It smeeells, i didn't knowww" hehe

AussieCatDoll 2315 days ago

"I'm nt gna say tht i dnt Fahrt, coz i am HUMan! bt im at lst a lady".Nicole in Adelaide,Aus haha

AussieCatDoll 2315 days ago

Ha! even funnier being the only Aus here!no need to point the's thunda from down unda!

_fanyn 2315 days ago

vc é perfeita Nick *-* Iove you *-*

ZaraLouise_2010 2315 days ago

Haha! :D So random and funny! <3

LaurenTMUK 2315 days ago

Lol lovess it much nicola! Your a ledgee! <3

HanyNaveh 2315 days ago

Thats german :D

NicoleS_Love 2315 days ago

Wow, You've been all over the world, and all this world loves you! Zurich and others!

CBScherzyTeyana 2315 days ago

next time you better tell me when you're 5 minutes away from me so i won't feel like shit.. :D/:( i love you so much

caminosol 2315 days ago

and when you come to Poland? :(

Ssonjamonster 2315 days ago

oh WoW,u are in Zürich..i laready was there cause im living in Frankfurt,Germany!
I love you ..hope u ill tweet me oneday..hope that i can meet u oneday,than i can sing and dance some for you X i belive in YOU!!

TamyKatyCat 2315 days ago

hahaha lmao love u Nick xD

EirikScherzy 2315 days ago

Hahah, its hillarious!! ;D