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yeah I thought u'd change your mind bitch!

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1470 days ago

yeah I thought u'd change your mind bitch!


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Ray_Love_AmyLee 1463 days ago

O bichinho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! tu é mal sabia cara meu Deus!

MajorKitana 1464 days ago

hey let's faster, there were 5 followers add!http://twitter.com/dwells_21

MajorKitana 1464 days ago

http://twitpic.com/2cwzn0 Take a look at his handsome mouth, he is waiting for your dick!

MajorKitana 1464 days ago

<----- This guy will suck dick in his 1000 followers! He promised to do it!

DjValys 1465 days ago

Bitch , LOL :)).

Cronides 1468 days ago


Iloveda50cent 1468 days ago

this dude is sporting a huge woody just for you though I think he would rather have you ride him

CaIiakaSarah 1468 days ago

Wants to kill you!

MajorKitana 1468 days ago

I want to suck dick horse! http://twitpic.com/2p0m81

heyitsjuliana 1469 days ago

poor dog...

BieberJerkForMe 1469 days ago

50, u arent cool :)

LauraBlueEyes 1470 days ago

you're a fucking bastard. go die.

TheSoulfulEMU 1470 days ago

The Puppy is already injured much by 1 leg..why the hell you are making him scare from you..Poor Puppy!!

MsBeauteous_704 1470 days ago

The dog says" Many men wish death upon me, I dont cry no mo', dont look 2 sky no mo', HAVE MERCY ON ME!" LOL!!!!!!

jakefarlo 1470 days ago

see snookis nude pics --- http://bit.ly/snooki_hot_pics

_roman_zolanski 1470 days ago

lol 50 is a fool! i love it! never cared for him much till i followed his twitter now i love u 50!

butterflie03 1470 days ago

lol this is mad funny!!!!

FSS34 1470 days ago

seriously u peta freaks r worse than pentacostal holiness peeps. its a f'an pic. its obviously a joke. and LordSaintGay i mean Ray, hahaha. no words for ya lil man... oh wait maybe a few check it: just for douches - http://tinyurl.com/249otm4

POWERhugh 1470 days ago

yall can shut up. 50 got the only twitter account thats worth following. all other niggas is shit

POWERhugh 1470 days ago

please hammer dont hurt em. i mean 50.