Tom Hanks


I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

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1432 days ago


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begara2010 1328 days ago

Oh, Sr...for THIS one, I would NOT want to be in your shoes.

ankitdev 1347 days ago

i can do it more better..poor hanx lol

MuhammadBishr 1349 days ago

Poor Hanx :((

MuhammadBishr 1349 days ago

Endodontic Treatment of the lower first molar...Not well done by the way
I can do it better ;)

MVGrayTV 1356 days ago

Aren't those your feet in the top left pics? ;)

publicano 1364 days ago

Well, mr. Hanks, I'm afraid your teeth are haunted.

fredhubner1 1371 days ago

Gosh... your teeth are all rotten... I've never seen such sickening shades of black and white

kiddle 1376 days ago

I think it looks like a jelly fish...

alisonh12 1379 days ago

I wonder what it's like to be Tom Hanks' dentist lol

ihmaameerachira 1388 days ago

good luck :)

lucyo 1388 days ago

I hate visiting the dentist...........

tarheeltroll 1390 days ago

Do NOT let your dentist extract the tooth with an ice skate!

awaissaleh 1392 days ago

good luck lolx

Joni_Girl 1402 days ago

how interesting... =)

dgsquare1 1414 days ago

is this a pun with the movie you are finishing up? You got a CROWN-e?
You are funny, but please, if you ever get a colonoscopy, don't share it!

anah_k 1416 days ago

yes , this is very strange

ckterra 1416 days ago

lol - the left pictures show 4 feet and one of them with 6 toes - something's strange....

jrhulk 1420 days ago

We can compare- I'm 51 and just got my widom teethe pulled on last Wed-ugh(also my Grandmas' maiden name was Todd-Decendent...yes you guessed. I wish you'd do a movie about Abe Lincolin/Mary (see Dale Carnagies' book)-Take care

DongMarie 1421 days ago

Cast Away was just on HBO.... Just put a skate to it! You have got to be the ONLY person in the world that could get me misty eyed over a wilson soccer ball. <3

j1966f 1421 days ago

Them 32? All on a place?