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Yes, we are that band that Sings Hanging by a Thread. Posts by Jason Wade, @brycesoderberg, Rick W, and Ben Carey.

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2198 days ago


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mooeess 2192 days ago

in Indonesia it is called the mie and sambal. lol

FioonDH 2193 days ago

Check out for Lifehouse vids Paradiso Amsterdam

Ninz_412 2197 days ago

maybe because u ate it all?? eheheh

PsychO_Jen 2198 days ago

Ha ha Your coment made me think of Capt Jack Sparow. But why is the rum gone? At least that means it was delicious & you enjoyed it!

joseramonmarmtz 2198 days ago

or "Halfway Gone"...

littlelotte86 2198 days ago

o I want taco's!! lol Is that guacamole?? I'm suddenly so hungry haha :P

jodster112 2198 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i see guacamole!

shes_hislobster 2198 days ago

Check your shirt! Maybe there are some leftovers, if not, there is such a thing as ordering more

lifehouse_rocks 2198 days ago

Looks yummy. How is Rick enjoying the special day? Love you guys.

rafa_brando 2198 days ago

what this? k +1

obviouslyjoy 2198 days ago

what this? k

TeamLifehouse 2198 days ago

yumm, looks like you enjoyed the heck out of that taco !!!!!