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The bitch gonna be alright. I took her to the doctor.

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2198 days ago

The bitch gonna be alright. I took her to the doctor.


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IAmCharlieG 1990 days ago

Get this Video to 50 a Supporter is reaching out part 1 of 3 vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl-brluqdko

coralynwins 2023 days ago

This is my favorite picture ever, lmfao.

sosyetiktinerci 2030 days ago

50 cent'e bak yaa maksat arkadaki silahları göstermek

GHETTOFOLK 2155 days ago

lmfao u is stupid

BeScaredBitch 2191 days ago

lmao u shoppin for some guns?

MajorKitana 2192 days ago

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MajorKitana 2192 days ago

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MajorKitana 2192 days ago

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DjValys 2193 days ago

Twitter :x.

DihelenJacob 2194 days ago

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CaIiakaSarah 2196 days ago

Wants to kill you!

MajorKitana 2196 days ago

I want to suck dick horse! http://twitpic.com/2p0m81

jerfrancis 2197 days ago


meltingchoc 2198 days ago

i just love ur look actually

baybed 2198 days ago

your background doesnt look like that on my computer

MissAymiiBabii 2198 days ago

loooool ur too funny i swear

tigistylin 2198 days ago

Stupid haters need to get the hell off here, u just mad the dogs necklace worth prob more than ur car!!

MsMonalisa1 2198 days ago

awww..i love her..shes very brave to stay with you...dont open the door..did u do that so she wudnt runaway...this guys GOT JOKES...shouts out to yeezy..call me..6093281621

POWERhugh 2198 days ago

50 do yall have pictures of yourself allover your crib?!
i would too man

choosebieber_ 2198 days ago

poor thing ... I thought worthy plaster pink!