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This is how it's looking in 2D...

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2615 days ago

This is how it's looking in 2D...


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notslar69 2615 days ago

very very dark I wish we had the normal shots please will it be on you tube but please not in 3d

giselle_z 2615 days ago

*_* I wish I could have been there, in the yellow area to be exactly :D

candycoxx 2615 days ago

nice pic

bedshaped1972 2615 days ago

very dark.. but love listening on the radio. thought it would be on longer

sarelly 2615 days ago

it was amazing...i loved every minute. For me it was special thanks guys. I LOVE U SO MUCH

edwinstevens 2615 days ago

bad quality with 3D on internet

ANGELITAF 2615 days ago

haha I know.. Im on my class break the library, wearing the 3D glasses and looking funny! =p

vanedes 2615 days ago

why so short? I want more :(

vanedes 2615 days ago

2D (L)

soph1985_arg 2615 days ago

haha TOM it was right...we were wearing an embarasing glasses!!!lol!

uundaa 2615 days ago

from mongolia!!!...brilliant performance!!!

mitchelchaplin 2615 days ago

amazingg keane we love you!!

greatkeane 2615 days ago

from chile....very amazing....thank you really excited

ANGELITAF 2615 days ago

it was amazing!!! but it was too short.. can we at least hear the rest of the gig?? we want more!!!!

rafaarruda 2615 days ago

So fantastic!!

indiegirl175 2615 days ago

im happy that im seeing this

shilahmontiel 2615 days ago

drawing with blue and red markers on a cd case didnt work for me :( it just looks all dark

22ivj04 2615 days ago

The sound quality is really great! Love it! Only in 2D.

melissacroce 2615 days ago

Tom is wearing the same tee that he wore on the 7th of March in Argentina!

pouna 2615 days ago

I canĀ“t see anything!