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Drive cars at weekends, huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.

Work started and the boys arnt messing around

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1627 days ago

Work started and the boys arnt messing around


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OzSport_77_fit 1619 days ago

Just make sure you pick up the spoon and not the drill by accident!

IndiBlu 1619 days ago

Hey Mark, are you practising your pose and location, for your new Australian Man 2011 calendar? Lisa

Maggie_F1 1619 days ago

Haha funny picture :P

Mares1331 1619 days ago

v/nice, can i loan one of u'r men to fix my shower!
well done on sunday what a race how did u'r tyre stay on!!!!

nichola207 1620 days ago

Hey Mark - I got a couple of pictures and mirror to hang could you pop round to do it?

mizhelena 1620 days ago

brekky! awesum drive Mark & great to see U put Ham in his place! omg U look hott!!

CristinaFdez05 1620 days ago

I love this picture, hahaha.

desssays 1623 days ago

good luck this weekend:)

taiscruzz 1624 days ago

Are they bodering you? Hahahaha!

JiriFerenc 1625 days ago

Mark, the builder :)
Good luck for Singapore, try to bring us victory!

UmbralFinal 1625 days ago

DANGER men working.

UmbralFinal 1625 days ago

I can not believe you've posted this picture!!! I loved!!!

herlinga 1625 days ago

I like U!!!

CW_Innerwealth 1626 days ago

Where's your Collingwood jumper?

itsLeh 1626 days ago

hahahahha :)

CUSH1984 1626 days ago

Thats how a man eats his food with a drill!

benhogarth 1627 days ago

Should have got a tool belt with Knives, Forks and Spoons on it. :-P Funny as pic though :-D

g7xr23 1627 days ago

I bet good ol' Paulene did all the packing!

Dirikx 1627 days ago

Having a drilling machine for breakfast ... now that's what I'm talking about :-)

matuss_ 1627 days ago

perfect. :P <3