Christian Kane


We will kill u!!!! #TwitPict

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2227 days ago

We will kill u!!!! #TwitPict


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Taras_2011 1901 days ago

Wow! Who are these guys?

Aninhas088 1959 days ago

looks like you're trying to steal sylvester stallone's role on rambo XD

tia_96 2012 days ago

these are new actors for Lord of The Rings :) <3 it

Sulien77 2094 days ago

Dear lord..."Dueling Banjos" is playing through my mind! ;)

wemc1970 2095 days ago

Oh God I Love THIS..(: lol

NoriVarga 2212 days ago

this isnt only killing. this is a massacre! :D Girls, avoid dark alleys! Dirt fits him! :P

SouthernHemmy 2219 days ago

Give it your best shot!!! BTW sext scary is good....

mischiefmuttntx 2223 days ago

GREAT PIC!! Who are your friends? You don't introduce us. Geez!

celenacutiepie2 2225 days ago

THAT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Foxin 2226 days ago

Casting call for a remake of Deliverance?

RaeRae 2226 days ago

scarily intimidating and yet still attractive... kinda not fair

Burgundycrab 2226 days ago

Yeah, OK. I'm intimidated! <as I slowly back away...>

sion79 2226 days ago

Wow! cool&dangerous guy!!!

DyLuke 2226 days ago

perfect! with this, no one ever try to mess with, can u guys be my bodyguard? lol.. =)

Pirate_heart 2226 days ago


carenyounker 2227 days ago

Christian...Darlin', whatever ya'll are doin' in the woods PLEASE don't cut your hair like that big dude behind ya, Cause I just may have ta hurt ya. Have fun now ya hear. :-)

GoddessB1 2227 days ago

Say sexy nice arms. I hope that I get the chance to feel them.

gencatginny 2227 days ago

What is this from???

daywalker67 2227 days ago

christan baby if its you doing te killing leve the knife at home cloths op and well see who die from fatige first

Castiel5150 2227 days ago

Watch out for those guns! :)