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Just seizing the local opportunities!!!

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2201 days ago

Just seizing the local opportunities!!!


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DonniesGoddess 2192 days ago

Uhh wth dude...I wish I had know you guys were there! lol Thanks for reppin us :)

rikincanton 2199 days ago


katgose 2200 days ago

see demi moore nude pic --

moviefabgirl 2201 days ago

As a Michigander I would like to say thank you for doing so much in Michigan while here! Enjoy!

aljeansummer 2201 days ago

What a fun time! enjoy yourself! oh and if you know of any good job openings let me know i'm losing my job next week with the state of Oregon /Department of revenue. I'm a hard worker

MardiGras30 2201 days ago


N_Obert 2201 days ago


thelookforless 2201 days ago

Go Lions! Hope you are enjoying your time here in Michigan!

eMtotheCe 2201 days ago

whats the score?

phightinphils 2201 days ago

Fly Eagles Fly!!!

chemicalangel3 2201 days ago

I live in Canada just across the border from Detroit...were watching the lions game on tv though :)

Fuschel 2201 days ago

Man, I wish we have football in Germany......

Bobcatmama7 2201 days ago

Our BC Lions are sucking this year!

CafeLika 2201 days ago

only watching cause I have 2 .. I live in Mi 2 and they suck

jordywantslove 2201 days ago

omg i live in michigan but i would like to say the lions suck big time lol

jacquib23 2201 days ago

glad to see you are enjoying your time in Michigan!

NORY_2 2201 days ago

nice shot

pbutternchoc 2201 days ago

sweet! nice view!

SheCantBeTamed_ 2201 days ago