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-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

태국에서 84세의ELF 동해를 사랑해주시는 할머니 !! 오래오래 건강하세요 ^^

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2166 days ago

태국에서 84세의ELF 동해를 사랑해주시는 할머니 !! 오래오래 건강하세요 ^^


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Toodyui 1602 days ago

How cute you are ~~~~~~

SujuMyDream_ 1759 days ago

Awn que Cutie :D

amy_belle23 1759 days ago

you both look beautiful

misslole1 1948 days ago

I love you so so so so much

bhert12 1960 days ago

love that pic...that grannie seems 2 b a great fan of donghae

renny_labis 2011 days ago

Nice pic, hwo is she? U grandma',,,??

liegjepiet 2015 days ago

WoW, she's an lucky ELF!!!
Someone is Jealous

kiwisome 2025 days ago

Wow! Hae have an older fan, I was a fan of you

NSP_Newspaper 2041 days ago

คุณยายน่ารักมากค่ะ (할머니가 귀엽다)

Sunny363 2042 days ago

she is E.L.F wow! <3

ymunng 2046 days ago

is this your grandmother???so sweet...^^

kotokoo1 2047 days ago


GOMINAN1 2053 days ago

is you grandmother is special

nadasaudi12 2057 days ago

خوخه مخمجه هع هع << امزح والله ذكرتني بجدتي يحليلها

G_ShieY 2064 days ago

That proves ELF is really supporting SuJu FOREVER!!~

iEMAN_3 2067 days ago

dung hae oppa u the best ,,,
U are my love and realy i want to see u
In real (^_^)...

Miha_elfish 2068 days ago

She is an ELF ?!!!!!! I first thought that was his grandmother !?

siwonchi 2068 days ago

wow .. she is lucky .. lucky lucky and lucky .. i wanna be heeeeeer

Raiinbou 2071 days ago

네 할머니 너무 귀엽다 ^ ^ & 난 당신의 스타일을 사랑 에 Bonamana :D

pOtch_04 2072 days ago