Jimmy Carr


Jimmy Carr. Literally the biggest face on television.

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1925 days ago


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debee_bambino 1919 days ago

Show off!...I hate big heads!

Jemppu 1919 days ago

The casualness of his posture is so damn perfect. Complete with the little raised eyebrow *hoh*

ABBAlove 1921 days ago

What happened to your protection, hmm? Health and Safety won't be pleased with this! lol x

fakefurbabe 1923 days ago

I won't ask..

haribol108 1923 days ago

you look smaller than you do on the telly

Lil_Bit_x 1923 days ago

What the hell lol...

LozPeters 1925 days ago

What did customs say when they looked in your luggage and saw your mini me?

SteveGiblin 1925 days ago

He's going to burn if he doesn't have a Jimmy Hat on.... heh.

monsterandpeas 1925 days ago

he's not very accurate. I think the face needs to be a little wider xD

Blondgalsteph_x 1925 days ago

Omdz You And That Bloody Doll! When Isit In The Shops?? xxx

Kzirk 1925 days ago

scariest doll ever!!! and now it can travel on water!!!!

jurid 1925 days ago

not the blow up doll i imagined youd take on holiday lol

Timmy1992 1925 days ago

Nyc tan... however i bet it looks a bit odd for people walking by to see u setting up a toy doll on a somewhat stationary jetski

pasikas 1925 days ago

You get better looking by the day

TrevorCurtis 1925 days ago

hope he don't get wet, don't want him to shrink

megaballs 1925 days ago

who would win in a jet ski comp, little jimmy or little frank (sidebottom)? My money is on frank.

JakeTaylor 1925 days ago

Little Jimmy wanna play on big bike?

Real_Ian_Morris 1925 days ago

Your not wired right... lol ;)

loicf 1925 days ago

Do you always take Jack Dee on holiday with you? Should he really be let loose on a jet ski without a grown up?

SimplyPaul 1925 days ago

A Jimini is for Life, not just for Christmas. Like a jail term for murder.