LeBron James


ST.V-M Class of 03

U are what u wear!

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1847 days ago

U are what u wear!


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lyleona 1779 days ago

we love you forever

Vextes 1788 days ago

I want the same!!!

ScrewLBJ 1794 days ago

LOL, you never cease to amaze me...get a freaking life, are you crying, heat 5-3 cavs 4-3, hilirious

Stephanies_Mind 1804 days ago

I noticed u always stand like this but when ur that fine how else would u stand #oohbabybaby

scottandkristy2 1817 days ago

- ARROGANT FUCKING ASSHOLE - ahhhah - go tear a hammy

HolliRoc 1818 days ago

So true.. LeBron u are a tall drink of water., I can't wait until u come to Philly on the 27

SoCalBee 1819 days ago

I like this!

MattMillz717 1819 days ago

hahahaha no comment necessary #poser

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 1819 days ago

@ mils1142, r u someone pretending to hate KingJames? U could not b a hater still u follow him.

RAJONRONDO4EVR 1819 days ago


LovelyWordsmith 1833 days ago

i gotta get a t-shirt like that...dont you wanna send me yours??? #lol

Ame_Rican 1835 days ago

Tell Nike I can FIX that problem! I should've signed that $90M DEAL!

rothey 1835 days ago

you are what you wear: douchebag

CLEsportfan4evr 1840 days ago

not sure I would really enjoy riding Wades dick just for a ring....you can count me out

LeBronsfuture 1840 days ago

Anybody would want to be lebron right now , enjoy it king james !! this is your year!!!

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 1843 days ago

If he had stay in Cleveland u wud not be here talking about Lebron quitting in Game 5. ha ha ha ha

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 1843 days ago

Prove where I said he quit on ME. U said he quit on the Cavs, still u as a diehearted Cavs fan is on twitter STALKING the man.

mils1142 1844 days ago

Suzie, you acknowledge he quit yet you support him? Are you mentally challenged? What has that quitter ever done to earn your respect? His charitable action are LARGELY underwritten by his sponsors. Fuck him, he's a disgrasceful quitter.

mils1142 1844 days ago

12/02/10 is gonna be rowdy in the Q! Yes sir!!!

CLEsportfan4evr 1844 days ago

the way I see it I am doing LeChoke a favor by giving him a SMALL preview of what to expect Dec. 2nd, thats of course if the elbow holds up