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Only in the south

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1687 days ago

Only in the south


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lenadice 1596 days ago

Haha, yep. In the south, everything is fried.

ValemGarcia 1628 days ago


JustZGirl12 1673 days ago

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VaIe_Arg 1673 days ago

mmm Im sure would try one of these, since he ate the Elvis Burger that brought to life his baby boy Elvis Bieber, is looking for the baby girl ;).

zuricullen 1675 days ago

I want some fried twinkies!!

le_ctrod 1680 days ago


Pheonix234 1680 days ago

I can do you one better... at the Orange County Fair this year they were selling the "heart attack special" deep fried butter, chocolate covered bacon, deep fried cheese crisps, and deep fried bunuelos. And I've got photo evidence. LOL

OriGiNaLsNoB 1684 days ago

On the Jersey Shore (don't hate) Seaside has fried Oreos. Although couldn't bring myself to try 1

OriGiNaLsNoB 1684 days ago

I've had fried pickles in Mass. oddly enough, however, twas a southern theme restaurant

amydoser 1684 days ago

Hopefully you've tried fried dill pickles as well. :)

joola97 1686 days ago

Cool ;D

The_IcePrincess 1687 days ago

Yummy !!!

Meforeverjust 1687 days ago

Yo Candice :)
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MichelleRene513 1687 days ago

that is true! "only in the south" and people wonder why obesity rates are so high.

nic_bec75 1687 days ago

Ok so this makes me feel a lil ill - espesh after I just finished my own pancake binge :X

89Meggie 1687 days ago

Fried twinkies?? GROSS! haha

kelmarl 1687 days ago

They aren't fried in flour like fried chicken. I think it's funnel cake batter, but I'm not sure

TVD819 1687 days ago

LOL Definitely won't find those in NY!

MisshollisC 1687 days ago

Did you try a deep fried oreo?

keikodream 1687 days ago

omg, i love OREOS *-* but fried? =)