LeBron James


ST.V-M Class of 03

These are #classics.

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2320 days ago

These are #classics.


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Vextes 2260 days ago

One Word:HUGE!!!

cromnasty 2291 days ago

Bron where can i get the goldones from they were nice !

InTheCut_8 2291 days ago

Black ones = 8th grade all day.. Gotta bring these back

BigParty_RV 2293 days ago

I like these shoes!

RayManZerrick 2311 days ago

LeBron the quitting pussy faggot. Your LBJ 8's should be called zoom generation quitting faggot pussy

Stevendo09 2316 days ago

my favorite shoes...please bring them back Lebron!!

CLEsportfan4evr 2316 days ago

Awwww, how cute.......thanks for sharing this pic of you and Bosh's his and her pair of shoes.....Are you calling these "The Nike On My Knees Sucking Wade Classics?"

scottandkristy2 2317 days ago

self proclaimed classics -- typical arrogant fuck - these are kindling ring chaser

ItsYoungJu 2317 days ago

i got the white ones when they came out, i was n 8th grade LOL

MajorKitana 2318 days ago

MajorKitana 2318 days ago

I'll suck your dick

4ever_renee 2318 days ago

red and black swooch nice...I will be sure to look for mine yessir

ikbrunn 2319 days ago

These shoes represented Loyalty,Hope,and Promise!!! These were the theme shoe of NE Ohio!!! Now they have kno meaning at all!

LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 2319 days ago

@ 74TMG Get off KingJames ship. r'nt u satisfy with the letter ur boss wrote on KJ? KJ had apologise

LalaKeshOHHHAY 2319 days ago

#HEATREPRESENT! these shoes look so comfortable <33

Lord_nikon86 2319 days ago

Nice kicks, can you get me 2 tickets to the Celtics game opener against the all-star team, I mean the Heat?

margarette1107 2319 days ago

nice shoes, stay strong and Love God

Stephanies_Mind 2319 days ago

Why follow someone u hate and then have the nerve to comment just to show your ignorance. #ulookdumb

RMastcko1121 2319 days ago

Ill admit, I loved these shoes...best fitting ball shoe I ever had. BUT, anything you represent will never be in my house again. Best of luck to you and I hope someday the heat screw you, the way you fucked us.