Mike Massimino


NASA astronaut, mission specialist for STS-125

Here's the view out the window of my  T-38 while flying in formation

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1894 days ago

Here's the view out the window of my T-38 while flying in formation


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sandarwai 1774 days ago

!!! que envidiaa !!

artemsol 1778 days ago

what the funny American planes? :D

jaapsteenis 1892 days ago

Where can I book my first flight ? ;-)

Bmardutchess 1893 days ago

awseome view

lilars 1893 days ago

Very cool pic.

nutcha_ 1893 days ago


meradini 1893 days ago

Hi Mike, I love the T-38s and This is a great picture out the window of your T-38. I guess Mike you will be at KSC for Discovery launch on Nov 1st 2010?.. Thank you meradini@

nassorn 1893 days ago

Beautiful world...

shiosho11 1894 days ago

Amazing !!

EmilyJustin21 1894 days ago


a_cup_of_sea 1894 days ago

Thanks! I'm flying now with you! :)

EduJourdan 1894 days ago

i admire so much this job!!

Trillian4Fun 1894 days ago

Future pilot Dan (6) says this is a cool shot!

SandroRodrgs 1894 days ago

Simply perfect job :)

jaeguntrip 1894 days ago

nice, im not jealous at all!

EricJFKleijssen 1894 days ago

... another boring day @ the office huh? :p hehehe wonderful ! !

headgeek666 1894 days ago

With that Logo, I like to imagine you fly anti-UFO combat missions in outer space!

inquisitiveowl 1894 days ago

Whoa! Thank you for flying, from those of us who are grounded.

AlyzabethM 1894 days ago


nightrdr88 1894 days ago

hope to be flying those this time next year at UPT, sir!